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Whether we like it or not, life throws up disagreements, conflict, competing interests and tensions daily. We expect it to some degree. Not all tension is negative yet even anticipated challenging situations can have a significant impact upon personal wellbeing, family life, careers, and work/life balance. It can prevent people looking forward to the future. It can stifle potential and sometime lead to ill health. It has become known as a VUCA world – we live with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

A VUCA world does not have to dictate your response and we can choose the extent to which challenging circumstances impact our lives and plans.

With my skills and experience, I can facilitate a dispute through to resolution enabling those involved and committed to the process to move forward.

I am also able to support a team or Board maximise their individual skills to achieve their collective goals.

Both services assist those involved to communicate effectively and achieve their chosen objectives. Life is too short not to make the best of it and, for me, too precious not to do something to help.


To improve communication between individuals and in organisations.


By utilising mediation skills, to create an environment in which conflict and tension can be approached and navigated constructively to resolve disputes and/or enhance Board and team performance.


Integrity, Honesty, Inclusion, Collaborative, Good Humour


To create a positive environment for people to flourish