At mediation, you decide the outcome

Want to settle your dispute?

If you are finding it difficult to resolve a dispute, a mediator can help.

A mediator can create the right environment for constructive negotiations that support those in dispute to settle their differences. 

Imagine coming to a mediation and ending the day with a signed agreement. Not just any agreement, but a settlement you approved. That doesn’t happen in court!

Concerned about the cost?

Court cases are unpredictable, slow and expensive. It can take years for a judge to decide the outcome. Mediation is cheaper and quicker. Also, you share the costs with the other parties attending the mediation.

Did you know that when going to court, you must confirm you tried to resolve the dispute by alternative means? Even judges prefer cases to be mediated. If someone refuses to mediate, they must explain why to the judge. And it has to be a good reason.

Who decides the outcome?

You do.

The mediator does not take sides and supports everyone negotiate by facilitating a series of meetings. The process is flexible and meetings can be with everyone together, or in separate rooms. It can also be online.

Is it confidential?


Mediations are private and the negotiations are on a without prejudice basis. This means you cannot use anything discussed during mediation in court.

What next?

Get in touch today and be a step closer to a settlement.

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