Debate issues, plan and review strategies efficiently and effectively

Having a cohesive board is important for a sustainable business.

This means having a robust decision-making process. A process that is not offensive but effective and puts business needs ahead of ego and personality. Directors and board members are in place to serve the business and promote the corporate purpose, vision and values. 

An energetic and enthusiastic board that works well together is infectious. It has a positive impact on the workforce. 

The UK Corporate Governance Code 2018 describes a successful company as being led by:
“an effective and entrepreneurial board, whose role is to promote the long-term sustainable success of the company, generating value for shareholders and contributing to wider society.”

The Institute of Directors (IoD) identifies that the tasks of a board of directors to include: –

  • Establishing and maintaining vision, purpose, and values

  • Deciding strategy and structure

  • Delegating authority to management and monitors and evaluating the implementation of policies, strategies, and business plans

  • Accountability to shareholders and other relevant stakeholders

Success is likely to follow a board that recognises challenge and debate is meaningful, constructive, and progressive. Communication should not be offensive. 

If you are a director and seeking to maximise your board’s potential, a tailored programme is available to enhance communication and decision making.

This can be a one-off session. Alternatively, a series of sessions, which include psychometric profiling for your board, can be arranged. This helps a board understand their collective dynamic. The profiling is undertaken by an experienced third party who has extensive board experience both in the UK and internationally and utilises the DISC personality profile tool. All work undertaken is confidential and sensitive to the individuals and corporate needs. 

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