Like to know more about mediation?

Mediation is a process that can find a way through the most challenging legal positions. Even when a settlement seems unlikely, it delivers a solution that often no-one initially envisaged. 

If you would like to learn more about mediation and how best to support clients or connections going through the process, this training will help.

It includes:

  • how to prepare for a mediation,
  • the psychology behind making offers of settlement,
  • negotiating tips, and
  • how to make the most of the mediation process?

These sessions are beneficial if you are:-

  • a law firm seeking to maximise the potential of mediation for your clients,
  • a company choosing mediation as an alternative dispute resolution option and wanting to learn how to use the process effectively, or
  • a private individual seeking more insight in the preparation for a forthcoming mediation.

Whatever your circumstances, bespoke training can be arranged to meet your needs and to equip you to make the most of any mediation opportunity.

How to mediation Milton Keynes