Help is available to plan your mediation

If you would like help organising the mediation this can be arranged to include: –

  • Locating a venue
  • Organising rooms for all parties
  • Organising refreshments for the duration of the mediation

The costs of the above are payable in accordance with the terms of third party providing the venue and refreshments and your contract will be with the third party directly. Their cancellation fees may therefore differ from those contained within the Mediation Agreement.

If the mediation is to be on-line, arrangements will be made for the mediation to be held using the Zoom platform at no extra cost.

In addition, an outline of the mediation process and costs will be provided to you for distribution to other parties involved.

All parties will receive a pre-mediation or on-line call prior to the mediation to discuss any queries.

Mediation meetings Milton Keynes